[EN] Step-by-step plan for innovative entrepreneurs who want to conquer the market

  • 05 juni 2014
  • -Reacties

Shell LiveWIRE and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce present a step-by-step (plan in the form of an) animation that helps innovative entrepreneurs to market their new products.

In only two minutes the animation Product ready? Time to market it! answers the question how innovative entrepreneurs can prepare themselves to approach the market in an effective way. 

The animation acts out basic information that can be directly used for a successful market introduction of a new product.


"It’s a joy to see the entrepreneur’s pride when introducing a new product or service", says Sjoerd Keijser, programme manager Innovation at the Chamber of Commerce. "The step from developer to entrepreneur is often underestimated. The assumption that the market has been waiting for the innovative product is most of the time wishful thinking. Even a good product will not sell itself. It must be commercially placed in the market."

Step-by-step plan

The animation Product ready? Time to market it! illustrates through an easy step-by-step plan how entrepreneurs with new products or services can prepare themselves for market release.

Celina Wang, Programme Manager Shell LiveWIRE: “Initially an entrepreneur may want to have every company as a client. But focus and selection are essential in order to get the best results. We challenge the viewer of the animation to identify the ideal client. The people from Shell LiveWIRE want to help entrepreneurs to capitalize on client needs, to identify the market, choose earning models and find the best way to convince potential customers. This is an animation from which entrepreneurs will truly benefit."