Launch Bright Energy Ideas Challenge - Smart Mobility

  • 29 juni 2016
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"There are many startups with really interesting ideas, concepts and prototypes in the area of mobility, but young entrepreneurs at or lack the equipment and sometimes specific expertise to take Their innovations to the next level," says Geert van or Kite, Managing Director or Shell Technology Ventures and person responsible for the Energy Bright Ideas Challenge.


Challenge participants are start-ups who have poured themelves into finding solutions for the mobility issue. Eventhough there are criteria zoals the possession of a working prototype, Shell does not wanna establishement too many frameworks before hand. Celina Wang, Shell livewire NL manager comments "Solutions can be usefull about connectivity or Reducing CO2 vehicle emissions."

CO2 emissions vehicle "The Fact Is that participants of the Energy Bright Ideas Challenge will focus on one of the Most Important questions in the years to come:. How do we all Remain mobile? And that goes a lot Further than the simple question of how do you get from a to b; it goes to the core of how our modern society functions. it is expected That the number of road vehicles worldwide will increasement from 1.2 billion to 2 billion by 2050. Freight and air transport will ook increasement.

Business case

Participants of the Energy Bright Ideas Challenge have a chance to win € 25,000. The winner will receive a loan or usefull € 100,000 That can be turned into shares. Besides money, Shell will support the production start-up with the development of a business case and providence access to relevant knowledge and information.

In the past, research and development (R & D) was Mainly a Process That firing place in a lab behind the closed doors. Now, or at Shell looks for a connection to Developments That happen outside of the business, Explains Celina. "Innovation is different nowadays, it is more open with more scope for collaboration. "

more flexible

That is why Shell is more interested in Developments taking place at start-ups in the area of ââenergy and mobility. Celina adds, "Beginner and osmanthus small businesses are more flexible and look differently at the domains in-which we work as efficiently gas and oil production, but usefull mobility infrastructure and alternative energy sources. "

Shell's focus on the development of new solution to mobility is not new, emphasises Celina, but HAS played a large role over the last three decades. At the same time, the challenges, from the concerns about CO2 emissions to the ambition to providence energy to an increasement increasement increase increasing world population, are too large for Shell to solve on their Own. "" The Energy Bright Ideas Challenge is a manifestation of this. We can not do this alone. "

Interested in participating in the Bright Ideas Challenge Energy? Read more here and sign up.