Science meets business & industry at VU University Amsterdam

  • 18 oktober 2012

With great pleasure I invite you to a speed date session with The Network Institute  of VU University Amsterdam. An event for scientists, business and industry to exchange knowledge and experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration.

  • Do you want to know what VU university can do for you and your business?
  • How to exploit social networks for your business?
  • Which new technologies will become important in your market?
  • How to find out what people are saying about your business online?

The Network Institute

The Network Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute that studies the technological, economic, social and communicative aspects of networks. On Thursday October 18, 2012 a selected group of scientists from informatics, social science and humanities is looking forward to meet you in individual speed date sessions.


Collaboration opportunities vary from small initiatives such as a student project or researching a specific business question to long term research collaborations. For promising collaborations the Network Institute offers research vouchers worth €5000, enabling a Network Institute researcher to perform one month of research in collaboration with you.

Full program and registration

You can find the full program and register at the VU website